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This is a spinoff from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer tv series, starring Buffy’s on-again/off-again boyfriend, the vampire Angel.  He goes on his own journey, completing quests and fighting evil.  Right from the start, the show has a darker tone than Buffy started out with, but that’s to be expected.  There are plenty of lighter, more fun moments, and the characters really stand out as separate entities.  Once again, the earliest couple of seasons are the best, but there are standout episodes throughout the five seasons.  The finale isn’t satisfying, however.  Buffy got a proper, if not happy, ending, but Angel gets none of that.  There are a couple of production reasons for this, but they’re not important.  Having gone through the whole thing, I would be sorely tempted to skip the ending and quit two or three seasons before I even get there, just to avoid the annoying parts.  The last season is the worst, with the characters acting like they’re not themselves and not being given a proper explanation for that.  That being said, there are still redeeming qualities in the show right up to the end, so it’s a toss-up.


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The tv series.  Completely different from the movie, this one is darker, more serious, and more realistic.  It touches on heavy psychological and philosophical questions while inserting some lighthearted humor here and there.  The characters are sympathetic and touching, and the acting is leagues ahead of the movie.  It grows darker with each season, however, eventually landing somewhere in an extremely depressive state.  Happiness is always just out of reach, and characters outside of the core group often die.  The wordplay is more clever and fun, and the pacing is exciting without ever getting too fast-paced.  There is much to recommend this version, especially if you have the patience for its length.  Even in the darkest hours of the final seasons, there are fun and unusual storylines, and it’s not nearly as depressing as the sixth season.  Also, the finale is worth the wait.  My favorite episodes reside in the first couple of seasons, but I can still pick out good ones throughout the show.

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